Nothing cosy about WI cricket right now.

It is a vicious circle, a downward spiral. One, as they say, brings two. If you have the talent, the money comes. If you have the money, the talent comes. But when things start to slip, it can all go wrong pretty quickly.

How the mighty have fallen. The West Indies, the doyen of cricket for so long, now sinking. The BCCI are talking of suing the WICB for $65m. Money which would send them into bankruptcy. This is a situation calling for a trouble shooter.

Guest blogger – Fred The Yorker. His thoughts on KP Nuts.

I have been analysing the fallout from KP’s book. Sad to say I reckon he is an immature baby who can not take it if someone else is getting the attention. I do not recognize his bullying allegations, mostly because any dressing room at international level will have the same level of banter and bullshit. In addition if I dropped a dolly-I would want to apologize to the bowler anyway, why wouldn’t you?
Having said this, it is a shame that all these highly paid people did not have the management or people skills to keep him in check and happy. Very sad that our best talent had to be fired because no one could be arsed to work with him. ”I’m so sorry Mr. Bradman, but we will have to let you go-you see you don’t concentrate in our meetings when Mr. Nutrition Expert is trying to tell you what sort of quinoa you should be eating for breakfast. Yes we know you can bat a bit and an average of 99.94 isn’t bad, but you give the captain a headache when you publicly say that you don’t want to wear the team deodorant as you prefer Old Spice.” Can you imagine?

Bring on the Aussies and Saffers.

Confidence is back. Motivation is high. The three lions were caught snoozing in the shade there but we are back on the prowl, and no heat is too fierce. We took the knock. We were down and out. We were the tramp spewing in the gutter. We were in need of some serious grooming and a good scrub. Now we’re the Cock of the North once more.

I’m sure Cook’s wife is not the first wife to tell her husband to stay in his job either, but can’t have done any harm. Sunny Gavaskar has called the Indian team inept and pathetic. Maybe they can make quite a nice living thanks very much back in the IPL, and test cricket is a chore. Despite the money out there, I don’t believe that’s the way they feel. I just know that when the tide turns against you, there is nothing you can do about it.

As I strolled up Harleyford Road past The Beehive, rammed with Cricket Supporters rather than the weekday spooks, I overheard an Indian supporter, “It will be better another day”. And it will. I turned around and smiled at him. Fans, supporters, fighters, lovers, we’ve all been there.

Well done England. Now get back in the nets, and whack the bowling machine up to 97mph. While you are at it, paint a tattoo on the white plastic.


South Coast Southampton Sunshine

As a follower of the English cricket team, that was one long year! The waiting is over.



Jocelyn Galsworthy at work.



Panama city.

I took the South Coast train to Hedge End, for the cricket last week. The test match was a massive success. Sure, ticket sales could have been increased but I think the ECB need to take a long hard look in the mirror, and calendar congestion needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency. Aside from this, Hooray!

Thank you Jimmy – and well done Mo. Maybe even Big Bad Boycs will hand you an endorsement. Don’t hold your breath.

Prior should have hung up his gloves at the end of last season, but we all do it, go chasing that last deal, that last sniff of glory, whatever it may be. Matt P was the real deal but this is a new era. Ballance, Buttler and Ali are the future.

There was not a session we didn’t dominate in the third test, and boy did that feel good after such a desperate winter of discontent.

Well done Captain Cook.

Well done India.

Four and a half days of to-ing and fro-ing, and tense, delicately poised cricket, and then an hour of buckling on the fifth day after lunch. Excruciating listening.  ‘Just what keeps you coming back tomorrow’ as Blowers said. Hmmm. What a shame for England.

Interesting that Geoff Boycott thinks it would be a sign of strength for Alistair Cook to resign rather than a sign of weakness, and thinks Cook is looking at it from the opposite (wrong) angle. Downton and the selectors will be having some long talks before Southampton. Vaughan obviously wants Cook to move on too. Looking forward to my trip down to the Rose Bowl next week. But Gordon Bennett, what a mess.


Jimmy’s tears, Shane’s hand, and impatient KP.

The series against Sri Lanka was so tight. I was glued to TMS as we tried to save the second test – which we so nearly did. Don’t blame Anderson for crying one bit. He batted far longer to save it than he and Monty had to in Cardiff a few years ago to save an Ashes test. Should Moeen Ali have sheltered him from the final six balls? Maybe. But Ali got us a long way to that position in the first place. The test reminds me of a book I read at school called ‘Playing it Right’. Still love that book, and when I was a teacher, I wanted pupils to take to it, but maybe it was just a generational thing.

Went to the MCC v ROW match last Saturday. So frustrating for everyone concerned that Brett Lee accidentally bowled a full bunger and Warne’s hand was broken, meaning we didn’t get to see him bowl. It would probably have been a bit closer if he had had the chance. Still, it was a fun spirited day to celebrate the bicentenary. Long live Lords.

I was driving to an appointment this morning when I looked across and saw Kevin Pietersen perched up high in his black jeep. His missus was next to him, probably giving him a hard time for beeping at the cars in front for not reacting to the Green Light quickly enough. Maybe he was in a foul mood because he is not up at Trent Bridge.

With the Indian’s score at 259-4 at the end of the first day’s play, it could go either way tomorrow, although I fear the track is so flat there is only one way it will go.



Drama. What a Nail Biter.

The recent test match against the Sri Lankan team at Lord’s goes some way to confirm that all good things really do come to those who wait. I only picked up scraps of info throughout the first first four days. That is one of the truly lovely things about test match cricket. When you can’t be listening to TMS all day, or watching Sky, or better still actually at the ground, there is this thread which enhances your life for five days : Cricket. It’s like dipping into a favourite Soap Opera which you can just pick up like a deal in the sales. Those that give a monkeys feel part of a very special tribe.

We started poorly, then Root, who seems to love batting for England at Lord’s more than Jeanette Winterson likes lettuces, dug in. Well done Yorkie.

Fast forward, on a flat batting wicket to day 5 tea time. And slowly, ever so slowly, like a patient well behaved child unwrapping the Christmas present she has always dreamed of, we’re in with a chance.

Stand your ground Rangana Herath! Amazing the facts that technology throws up. C’est la vie say the old folks – goes to show you never can tell.

And how about the inside edge onto the pads to deny England the win? Sri Lanka that is one of your nine lives. Looking forward to Headingly already.

Sunday at The Oval

Surrey are a sorry state right now. Floundering around the bottom of the second division, and in need of KP and Graeme Smith to pull them out of the myre. For that matter anyone. Saffers – anyone. Linley looked alright. I mean his action was pretty smooth to my eye. According to my SE11 cricket mafioso contact he’s just a ‘journeyman’. Hey – what’s wrong with Journeymen. “Thaaat’s when she said she was pretendin'” I mean it’s one of Eric’s dopest albums for f’s sake. Digression.

Boy was it cold at the Oval. This country is in need of some dramatic Geo-Engineering. Or maybe I am. Engineer me somewhere hot with cricket. Simples as those measly Meerkats say.

Tavare, Great Chris’ Nephew put Gloucestershire on the map with a handy 59, but all out for 168. I ask you?

The sadness is, Surrey finished Day 1 some 50 runs short of that with only 4 wickets in hand. Truth be told, it was a bowlers day. Which is always pleasing to see, but I left the Oval with a slightly hollow feeling.

Despite my Mafioso’s best intentions, of sneaking me into the Pavillion and presenting me with a free Tea time cup of tea (The Carrot Cake was extra but worth it), I just felt sad that no one supports County Cricket anymore.

There were barely 100 people in the stands. Empty is not the word. It was emptier than a pint at 5.03pm on a Friday on Upper Thames Street.

What to do?

Lambeth needs to get cricket into the umpteen Council Estates around the Oval. Sure the kids could go into the ground for a quid. But you need mentors and adults leading the charge. Let’s be frank, if Surrey signed up Chris Gayle, the problem would be solved. Do it Surrey.