Like a rusty chain needing oiling.

And so the season has begun. My Twitter feed full of invitations to ‘..come and see Finn at Lords’; ‘…Trott to take a further break’; ‘Cook and Carberry back on form’. Last time I heard Cook and Carberry were on form seems like a very long time ago. Bridge. Water. Under. I feel like I have gone through three Divorce cases and the death of a favourite cat in the meantime. Being a devoted supporter of the England XI is no easy task.

Whilst limbs are being stretched on April sun blessed cricket pitches countrywide from Horsham to Durham, there is the small matter of the IPL getting underway in India. I watched a few minutes on ITV4 yesterday. The match was not close at all, with Kohli being dropped left, right and centre, to provide the Rajasthan Royals with a convincing victory.

I have not given up total hope of being able to organise I small match myself this summer, it will be no mean feat. More anon. Happy Easter!

Thumbs down for Root and no knees-up for Broad

Going into the second of the three T20s in the Windies without Root and Broad will be tough. Hopefully Bell can provide some magic though. We are taking on New Zealand on Sat 22 March in the T20 World Cup, and need to be on the money for the likes of Brendon McCullum.

Fingers crossed Sat 5th July is a Pearler, as taking my Dad to Lords for the MCC v ROW one dayer.


No, I’m not looking for one, and neither does it stand for Personal Assistant. I saw on Twitter (where else) that Lords were looking for a new Public Announcer. The current chap, I failed to see his piece to ITV News Camera on Sunday afternoon, is stepping down apparently. But, anyone who has spent a day there in  the Summer can hear it immediately. “Curtly Ambrose from the Pavilion End”.

So I clicked through on the pages on my smartphone (sometimes I feel like the guy in Shawkshank Redemption who gets let out of jail late in life only to find ‘..the world has got itself in one big hurry’, such is the ease and speed of technology and communication now) and I found myself actually reading a transcript which should be loaded up to SoundCloud. It was quite fun, the trick of course is to nail the pronunciation of HalfaDozenMarsBars as Twelfth Man would say. I really got into it, until I hit the line, “Play is suspended for the day”. Hey – don’t shoot the messenger. No room for tomfoolery!

There I was, sat in the armchair on Sunday afternoon, having nodded off repeatedly to the dulcet tones of Cozier and Richards playing the PA at MCC just for fifteen minutes. Will you be applying?


Delhi DareDevils bag our man

£900k for KP. A snip. The eyeballs will be nowhere but on Kev himself during this IPL. What an utter shame and a shambles that he will not play for England again. Hopefully this is a lesson to Captains future, the ECB and anyone else involved. Manage efficiently and effectively at all times.

Beef wades in.

My Cricket Twitter Account hit 383 tweets today, and in honour of the great Sir Ian I want to quote him directly from his Mirror piece :

“If England can produce 85-page booklets on mung beans and pumpkin seed diets instead of scoring 400 runs in a Test innings, they have their priorities badly wrong.”

In other news, not sure if I have been successful in the Lord’s Ballot for the M.C.C. v R.O.W. on 5th July which might otherwise be called Sachin v Shane.


So the 20/20 team get two weeks back in the UK. Then they are off to the West Indies before the T20 World Cup in Bangladesh. A lot of airmiles. Just hope the English team can put on more of a show than was given in Australia.