Warne’s confidence

Eating a bagel in St. John’s Wood earlier, the cafe had a copy of The Daily Mail knocking about. Flicked through to the Back Pages. Wisden’s Editor Lawrence Booth had written an article stoking the fire and the impending Ashes Down Under. There were a few pops at Shane Warne and his inability to ever predict anything other than an Aussie win.

Perhaps Warne has something in recommending Root drops down to 6 and Carberry comes in to open. Also, Onions does seem to have been sidelined, and relying on Anderson and Broad may prove problematic. I did enjoy the Patriotic backing of ‘Pup’ Michael Clarke. So what if Cook doesn’t put in a leg slip. 3-0. So what if KP has a huge ego and gets out earlier to spinners trying to be the big man. 3-0. So what if…. you get the point.

Only a couple of weeks to go now.