Delhi DareDevils bag our man

£900k for KP. A snip. The eyeballs will be nowhere but on Kev himself during this IPL. What an utter shame and a shambles that he will not play for England again. Hopefully this is a lesson to Captains future, the ECB and anyone else involved. Manage efficiently and effectively at all times.

Beef wades in.

My Cricket Twitter Account hit 383 tweets today, and in honour of the great Sir Ian I want to quote him directly from his Mirror piece :

“If England can produce 85-page booklets on mung beans and pumpkin seed diets instead of scoring 400 runs in a Test innings, they have their priorities badly wrong.”

In other news, not sure if I have been successful in the Lord’s Ballot for the M.C.C. v R.O.W. on 5th July which might otherwise be called Sachin v Shane.


So the 20/20 team get two weeks back in the UK. Then they are off to the West Indies before the T20 World Cup in Bangladesh. A lot of airmiles. Just hope the English team can put on more of a show than was given in Australia.