Like a rusty chain needing oiling.

And so the season has begun. My Twitter feed full of invitations to ‘..come and see Finn at Lords’; ‘…Trott to take a further break’; ‘Cook and Carberry back on form’. Last time I heard Cook and Carberry were on form seems like a very long time ago. Bridge. Water. Under. I feel like I have gone through three Divorce cases and the death of a favourite cat in the meantime. Being a devoted supporter of the England XI is no easy task.

Whilst limbs are being stretched on April sun blessed cricket pitches countrywide from Horsham to Durham, there is the small matter of the IPL getting underway in India. I watched a few minutes on ITV4 yesterday. The match was not close at all, with Kohli being dropped left, right and centre, to provide the Rajasthan Royals with a convincing victory.

I have not given up total hope of being able to organise I small match myself this summer, it will be no mean feat. More anon. Happy Easter!