Trott showing you can’t keep a good man down.

Great news that Jonathan Trott has received a call up to the Lions team for the tour of South Africa. After an issue with ‘situational anxiety’ sounds like the trooper is back on the path. Only 33 and with a great track record of 3,763 runs in 49 Tests, there’s more fight left yet in the old dog. The trip to Australia was a total fiasco. Not since bringing Eddie Hemmings on to bowl to Kapil Dev to put the brakes on avoiding a follow on has anything been such a failure.

Great news.

“With so much Test cricket, including the Ashes, over the 12 months, a full recall is not impossible”, says Agnew.

Nothing cosy about WI cricket right now.

It is a vicious circle, a downward spiral. One, as they say, brings two. If you have the talent, the money comes. If you have the money, the talent comes. But when things start to slip, it can all go wrong pretty quickly.

How the mighty have fallen. The West Indies, the doyen of cricket for so long, now sinking. The BCCI are talking of suing the WICB for $65m. Money which would send them into bankruptcy. This is a situation calling for a trouble shooter.

Guest blogger – Fred The Yorker. His thoughts on KP Nuts.

I have been analysing the fallout from KP’s book. Sad to say I reckon he is an immature baby who can not take it if someone else is getting the attention. I do not recognize his bullying allegations, mostly because any dressing room at international level will have the same level of banter and bullshit. In addition if I dropped a dolly-I would want to apologize to the bowler anyway, why wouldn’t you?
Having said this, it is a shame that all these highly paid people did not have the management or people skills to keep him in check and happy. Very sad that our best talent had to be fired because no one could be arsed to work with him. ”I’m so sorry Mr. Bradman, but we will have to let you go-you see you don’t concentrate in our meetings when Mr. Nutrition Expert is trying to tell you what sort of quinoa you should be eating for breakfast. Yes we know you can bat a bit and an average of 99.94 isn’t bad, but you give the captain a headache when you publicly say that you don’t want to wear the team deodorant as you prefer Old Spice.” Can you imagine?