355 Strauss KP

Reggae in my ears. Rastas and Old sea dogs on the pontoons. Island girls with smiles. Caribbean sunshine and blue seas. Hours away from our Transatlantic crossing. Picking up news on the interweb about English cricket.

What a shower. Boycott, he who never tweeted and lambasted those who did, is taking to the platform to Hashtag his desire to see KP back in the ENG team.

355. That is the bottom line right now.

Yes, KP should have been playing for Surrey this time last year, but the question the selectors have to ask themselves are :

1. Are we really good enough without him?
2. Is 34 really over the hill?
3. Is it totally impossible for differences to be ironed out?

John Lennon knew Yoko was for him when he saw her work of art ‘YES’. In Ben Kingsley (Sexy Beast) manner, NO NO NO, would do me and about half a million ENG cricket fans just fine.