England smash six to tie match.

What pleasant news to wake up to. Went to bed with Sri Lanka about to post something halfway to decent, 45 overs down. They ended up with 287. Woke up and flicked on the Telly to see that after reeling at 80 odd for 6, Butler and Woakes had pulled it back to a situation where Plunkett needed to hit 6 off the last ball to dramatically tie with Sri Lankan. He only went and did it. Wish I had been there. Looked like an awesome chase after a failed start.

Cricket in the Sun

There have been precious few blue sky days in Anren, Sichuan over the past year and a half, but just occasionally, the blanket of cloud evaporates, and we get some decent cricket weather. Running the Cricket Extra Curricular Activity has been enormous fun. We generally play ‘Kwicket’ in order to keep the kids interested and excited.


Whispering Death and the late great Tony C.


There are so many wonderful things about this video. Namely, the late great Tony Cozier and his beautiful warm Caribbean voice accompanying the neatly pressed Holding flannels as they land rhythmically on the popping crease. I once walked with schoolmates all day along the South Downs listening to the radio as Cozier described a O.D.I. Eng v W.I. My blog would be not be a cricket blog without a nod to his wonderful voice. Cheers.