Cracker at Trent Bridge

The two main reasons we lost?

1. Went to the toss with a ‘We can’t’ rather than a ‘We can’ attitude. Thinking that Trent Bridge is a run fest is one thing, but you need to think – we can protect a target, rather than we can’t protect a target.

2. Fielding.

But when all is said and done, that was a seriously great game to get the punters interested in the World Cup, if they weren’t already.

I was glued.

Joss (103) and Joe (107) batted so well, but chasing 348 was never going to be a walk in Central Park.

Pakistan are certainly mercurial, yet that was a very good time to lay to rest their run of 11 games without a win. As we near the end of Ramadhan, Safarawaz commented to Atherton at the end of the game that Allah had played his part today.

Eoin Morgan will pick his excellent team up. Losing by 14 runs is frustrating, but it was a brave effort. Interestingly it is the first time in ODI history two players have both scored centuries on the same team and lost.

Afghanistan v Sri Lanka tomorrow. Loving this world cup.