Engaging with Cricket!

Playing the game and watching the game is in my blood, and Corona Virus has meant very little of both over the Summer of 2020. So where have I got my fix? In the most random of places.

The most enjoyable game was a game of beach cricket during the heatwave about a month ago. I love beach cricket. Young and old unite and there’s always the sea to admire. During a weekend visit to Bath recently it was very relaxing sitting in comfy leather chairs, sheltered from the cool breeze by floor to ceiling glass looking out on the square and watching a batsman from Bristol bring up his 100 by driving a six out the ground over long on.

Aside from these instances, I have enjoyed watching and listening to the England team play both the West Indies and Pakistan. The Rose Bowl and Old Trafford have stood up and accommodated the necessary bubbles. As Agnew mentioned, it would have been superb for James Anderson to have the crowd urging him on to 600, but hey, at least he got there. It really does seem like only yesterday that he was passing Sir Ian’s total of 383. There you go, time, like the tide, waits for no man.