T20 World Cup / YCCC / Greg James

The T20 has been fun to follow. In the true nature of the ‘whizz/bang’ tournament, we have seen England and Pakistan ejected in the semis in the final overs. Jos Buttler played so well and it was a shame he was dismissed for 29 LBW against NZ as he had recently become the first player to score a hundred in all the disciplines of the game.

It will be a good final on Sunday I am sure. Many have said that it has been better to lose to NZ in the semis than AUS in the final. The 1987 ODI World Cup still hurts, yet so does the 1992 one. Many of the matches have not had large crowds which is a shame, but at least they have gone ahead (in the blistering Middle Eastern heat).

Lord Patel has taken over the reins at Yorkshire County Cricket Club. Vaughan is not currently presenting his podcast with Tuffers on the BBC. Headingley will suffer enormously financially unless it can start to host international matches again, of this there is no doubt.

I’m becoming a huge fan of Greg James and his broadcasting style. He loves a soundbite. I loved the way he pointed out Mark Nicholas’ tendency to insert “Boy” in to his commentary. I’ve started listening to the Alan Stanford episodes. Learning a few things about his past. Tailenders is always well put together and a very enjoyable listen. Good luck to Jimmy Andersen in Australia.