Thoroughly enjoyable read.

Recently finished this book by Ed Smith. When he first burst on to the scene, at least in my eyes, I was rooting for him like a passionate fan in a World Cup final. That was a few years ago. He was introduced on the Telly as the man with a Double First (still need to get my head around that one) from Cambridge and a promising batting career ahead of him.

Since that day, when he scored a fitfty for England on debut, he has gone on to write books, columns and kept me and thousands of others company through many a night (oo-er) whilst England were in New Zealand last Spring time. He has all but coined the phrase “Morning Everyone, Evening Everyone back home!”.

But aside from his new natural home on TMS, what of this book? Well, fresh out of Tonbridge, Cambridge and a well trodden middle class upbringing, his tutor tells him that if he ever gets a few weeks spare he should head to New York City, as nothing, simply nothing, can compare. He takes his Tutor’s advice and being Ed Smith writes a book about the similarities and differences between Baseball and Cricket; whilst training with the Mets. 

It is very enlightening.

But here is my favourite passage :

‘….In 1858, when the landscape architects of New York’s new Central Park had to name the area allocated for ball games, they came up with ‘the Cricket Ground’ – much to the despair of baseball’s early supporters’.

I will be reading more of Ed Smith’s books.



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