Alice Springs.

Sat listening to the last few overs being bowled in Alice Springs. The Desert weather has provided two days of cracking heat. It all sounds rather romantic with Gum trees and blue skies and only 30,000 people.

So what have we learnt?

Ballance will probably come in for Trott. There was conjecture in the press earlier in the week about the available no. 3 spot. Alec Stewart recommending that Bell goes in at 3, but Radio 5 Live suspecting Root should go in at 3, Bell taking 5 and Ballance 6. The good news is that Ballance sounds as if he has the right temperament.

Monty, even with his three wickets probably won’t come into the team, but the real issue is with Prior’s form, and indeed England’s ability to pile on the runs. We have not scored 400+ for 18 innings now. A concern.

Evidently the Adelaide Oval has seen some grand renovations, and play starts down there in only a few days. Desperately looking forward to it. England have a lot to prove.


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