Vaughan’s comment on BBC.

“The best player, the maverick, the X-factor player is stood on the boundary during games. He is never involved in any of the team discussion”.

2 thoughts on “Vaughan’s comment on BBC.

  1. Pietersen may be our best batsman, but he is clearly not liked by other England cricketers/managers/coaches. As with all professions, teamwork and the success it can bring, can be undermined by discontent. If Pietersen’s presence in the team is causing problems, then he should be dropped and not included in future England plans. There is talent out there, it just needs to be selected by the England selectors.

  2. With the risk of going into over-analysis of friendships within the team, Kevin will always be Michael Vaughan’s man. When he was spanking the Aussies in 2005 will be forever etched in Vaughan’s (and many a fans’) mind. But, we are nine years on. The big question in my mind is – Can a man effectively play both ODIs/2020 and Test cricket. Let’s talk about money, money.

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