No, I’m not looking for one, and neither does it stand for Personal Assistant. I saw on Twitter (where else) that Lords were looking for a new Public Announcer. The current chap, I failed to see his piece to ITV News Camera on Sunday afternoon, is stepping down apparently. But, anyone who has spent a day there in ┬áthe Summer can hear it immediately. “Curtly Ambrose from the Pavilion End”.

So I clicked through on the pages on my smartphone (sometimes I feel like the guy in Shawkshank Redemption who gets let out of jail late in life only to find ‘..the world has got itself in one big hurry’, such is the ease and speed of technology and communication now) and I found myself actually reading a transcript which should be loaded up to SoundCloud. It was quite fun, the trick of course is to nail the pronunciation of HalfaDozenMarsBars as Twelfth Man would say. I really got into it, until I hit the line, “Play is suspended for the day”. Hey – don’t shoot the messenger. No room for tomfoolery!

There I was, sat in the armchair on Sunday afternoon, having nodded off repeatedly to the dulcet tones of Cozier and Richards playing the PA at MCC just for fifteen minutes. Will you be applying?


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