Drama. What a Nail Biter.

The recent test match against the Sri Lankan team at Lord’s goes some way to confirm that all good things really do come to those who wait. I only picked up scraps of info throughout the first first four days. That is one of the truly lovely things about test match cricket. When you can’t be listening to TMS all day, or watching Sky, or better still actually at the ground, there is this thread which enhances your life for five days : Cricket. It’s like dipping into a favourite Soap Opera which you can just pick up like a deal in the sales. Those that give a monkeys feel part of a very special tribe.

We started poorly, then Root, who seems to love batting for England at Lord’s more than Jeanette Winterson likes lettuces, dug in. Well done Yorkie.

Fast forward, on a flat batting wicket to day 5 tea time. And slowly, ever so slowly, like a patient well behaved child unwrapping the Christmas present she has always dreamed of, we’re in with a chance.

Stand your ground Rangana Herath! Amazing the facts that technology throws up. C’est la vie say the old folks – goes to show you never can tell.

And how about the inside edge onto the pads to deny England the win? Sri Lanka that is one of your nine lives. Looking forward to Headingly already.

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