Bring on the Aussies and Saffers.

Confidence is back. Motivation is high. The three lions were caught snoozing in the shade there but we are back on the prowl, and no heat is too fierce. We took the knock. We were down and out. We were the tramp spewing in the gutter. We were in need of some serious grooming and a good scrub. Now we’re the Cock of the North once more.

I’m sure Cook’s wife is not the first wife to tell her husband to stay in his job either, but can’t have done any harm.┬áSunny Gavaskar has called the Indian team inept and pathetic. Maybe they can make quite a nice living thanks very much back in the IPL, and test cricket is a chore. Despite the money out there, I don’t believe that’s the way they feel. I just know that when the tide turns against you, there is nothing you can do about it.

As I strolled up Harleyford Road past The Beehive, rammed with Cricket Supporters rather than the weekday spooks, I overheard an Indian supporter, “It will be better another day”. And it will. I turned around and smiled at him. Fans, supporters, fighters, lovers, we’ve all been there.

Well done England. Now get back in the nets, and whack the bowling machine up to 97mph. While you are at it, paint a tattoo on the white plastic.


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