Wake up and smell the Linseed!

Hearing Andrew Strauss waxing lyrical about running the Marathon with his wife, and seeing a picture of him in The Times at CMJ’s service at St. Pauls made me suddenly crack the knuckles and yawn my way out of Cricket Hibernation.

That said, ofcourse, for the somnambulists amongst us there were the early mornings over the Winter period. What could put anyone in a better mood than flicking on the radio in the dismal London Winter fog and hearing of those ‘typical stinking hot days’ in India? Then, the whizz bang tour of New Zealand. I generally lasted until lunchtime with TMS. Talk about getting away with it.

And so, whilst I, much like Andrew will be concentrating on alternative things to Captaining England this Summer, mainly, er.. the day job, I will be b..b..blogging on occasion about all things cricket. Feel free to comment now and again. If the site gets enough internet traffic jams here I might get a free bat out of it. Lord knows I need one, the Long Handle came in handy at the Middleton Stoney ground a few years ago, swotting a quick 50, huzzah, but seems to have had a hole in it for the past few years.

Roll on Summer.

How white are your whites?

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