Blink and you miss it

A lot of cricket on at the moment. It’s great – and I’ve loved the ICC tournament over the past few weeks, but with ENG having to high tail it down to the Oval for the 20/20 thrash with NZ last night, after the 24/24 thrash against IND in Edgbaston, you start to realise that if the organisers and calendar planners want to sail this close to the wind, it’s no wonder if ‘too tight for time’ comes back and bites them on the bum!

At least the ICC final didn’t go to a ‘Golden Over’! Would that really have happened? What would have been the point? So punters would still have to cough up something? Why not just get the cradle out and play ‘DONKEY’?

The ICC was a superb tournament and more along the lines of the original World Cup. A better format most think. But what about the minnows? AKA Australia? Heard Tufnell say that the other day and laughed. Kick a man when he’s down – you bet! You don’t forget eighteen years of pain that easily.


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