Whadayamean – 5 days for a draw???

A few nights ago I opened a delightful present. The Ultimate Book of Sports The Essential Collection of Rules, Stats and Trivia for over 250 Sports, published by Chronicle Books. The author Scott McNeely has some chronic ‘Yankisms’ that made me chortle.

All was going swimmingly until I hit the line :

‘At the end of each over, a new bowler throws to the opposite bastman’.

Oh dear Mr McNelly, please come in to my study. Lowering half moon glasses and peering over the edges, across the oversized desk, as if looking into the Abyss……   Theeroooows Mr McNeely? Theeeroooows?


‘Unlike in American baseball, cricket balls are not replaced during the match unless absolutely necessary”… oh dear, what about the new ball after 90 overs on a non turning pitch Mr McNeely? I venture the ‘take up’ %  is high, despite as you say, ‘The wear-and-tear on the ball’ being ‘a key part of the bowler’s throwing strategy’.

And finally, ‘Scoring in cricket is confusing to outsiders’. I’ll grant you that. ‘A score of 209/6 means the batting team has scored 209 runs against six wickets’.

Back in the study please. FOR my dear chap. FOR not against!

How can you ever have the enjoyment of saying one two three for five?



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