Broady two two..

Made my way up to bed last night after a fairly average QuestionTime (fave bit was Benjamin Zephaniah telling Nigel Farage his ancestors were migrants too) to listen to Aggers. I thought it was meant to be sunny in Australia. Two days of rain. You can get that in Manchester. 

An article in the Evening Standard by Dan Jones was quickly glossed over. Everyone is waiting for the action. Cricket hacks at the moment are like Firemen waiting by the Pole.

Instead of any Radio 5 Live to drift off to, there was an interview between Vaughan and Broad. Vaughan was quite punchy in his questions, intimating Broad Junior would be good at Poker, we all know why, and could Broad be the first to take 500 test wickets, and make 5000 test runs.

Er no.

But, he’ll make 200 and 2000 this series, unless he bats like a donkey.


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