The Ashes Day 5 Edgbaston

No repeat of 2005, but a very very good game.

Ponting was safe in the commentary box this time.

In terms of time – the distance between now and ’05 is the same as ’05 and 86/87 and for cricket fans that’ll have some meaning. If only to make us feel a little older and realise “we are” entering another era in which “we” become the Statesmen, like it or not.

In ’05 I was backpacking my way down America’s West Coast and the communal computer in the hostel I was staying in was only sporadically available. Suffice to say when I did get use of the internet I searched for the scorecard, did the Maths, took in a bit of West Coast Culture and returned to watch the figures move in the favour of Flintoff and co. No cricket fans handy to celebrate with that day but a wide smile on my face.

It wasn’t to be yesterday.

Rain delayed the start. I finally managed to do something other than follow cricket for a few hours, and was pretty productive.

Aussies played the long game. England had to really toil hard. Khawaja was utterly brilliant until Stokes pulled a rabbit out the hat and got him to play on.

But hats off to Cummins. Captain, Bowler and 40 essential runs at the end. Aussies win by 2 wickets. It could not have been much tighter. To Lords.

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